What is the right dose

The right dose for you will depend on your personal variables, i.e. each persons’ dose will be specific to them, however, most people generally start on a similar dose and work their way to building up their tolerance levels. This allows the individual to maximise the potential of the perfect balance of cannabinoids that are then bio-available to the body and endoncanbinoid system for that individual, whether using for general health or any type of treatment.


This method is experimental and used by cancer patients. Most are able to finish the entire treatment in 90 days.

Week 1 

Start with 3 doses daily, about half the size of a short grain of rice. You will slowly build tolerance. 

Week 2-5 

At week 2 you will double your intake every 4 days.

Week 5-12

You should now be able to consume 1 gram per day. Ingest 1 gram a day until your 60 gram supply is gone.  

Other ways and dosages


  • from 50 mg – 500 mg per 1
  • use 1 – 4 per day/as necessary
  • insert only 5 cm
  • ensure environment is hygenic
  • use lubrication
  • absorbs & dissolves rapidly
  • most effective for high dosing


  • from 10 mg – 500 mg per 1
  • use 1 – 2 per day/as necessary
  • up to 2 hours digestion
  • most effective for low dosing


  • from 1 mg – 250 mg per 1 drop
  • use 1 – 4 per day/as necessary
  • almost immediate bioavailablity
  • most effective for low dosing
  • good to build up tolerance
  • can also be used topically
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